Second CiiEM Congress

Translational Research and Innovation in Human and Health Sciences

As research evolves, new technologies and conceptual developments pose new challenges, and sometimes even change the way science is perceived and research is pursued. Surprising new concepts, sometimes even from outside our own area of expertise, may hit us unexpectedly, and new points of contact not hitherto anticipated may reshape our beliefs and expectations. In meetings, this broadening and refreshing our horizon of knowledge is combined with personal contacts that can translate into new cooperations. This is particularly effective when the participants are already connected by institutional or personal contacts that lower the barriers to getting new ideas to work.

To achieve such a goal, CiiEM is inviting our colleagues from Universities and research centres with which we already cooperate to participate in a joint meeting, that willstrengthen, extend and network the existing cooperation and to create the opportunity for developing new activities.

For young researchers, this CiiEM Congress is intended to be a semi-social friendly environment where burgeoning scientists can make their first public contributions and get feedback from an international panel of senior colleagues to develop their work. Senior scientists will be able to expand their connections and share their knowledge and expertise with colleagues from a broad research environment.

The abstracts of the Congress will be published in Open Access in the Annals of Medicine (IF 3.76).

We are very happy to extend the invitation to participate in this unique event to colleagues willing to interact with a wide range of researchers from the Human and Health Sciences area.


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Science 2016

Meeting Science 2016, July 4 to 6. Lisbon Congress Centre


Commissary Carlos Salema (Academia de Ciências de Lisboa)


This is an annual meeting open to all the Scientific Community to the presentation and discussion of the main themes, results and questions of the international debate that characterize the Scientific and Technologic activity in Portugal




Conferência “Ferreira de Mira”

"Meta-Análise", proferida pelo Prof. Dinis Pestana.

Dia 20 de Julho (4ª feira) às 17.00h no
Calçada Bento da Rocha Cabral, 14, Lisboa (Largo do Rato)
Telef./Fax 21 388 29 93
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CONFERENCIA 20.07.2016

First Seminary in Microbiology

First Seminary in Microbiology


The First Seminary in Microbiology organized by the Public Health Microbiology Research Line of the CiiEM was held June 6 2016 at ISCSEM, Egas Moniz-Cooperativa de Ensino Superior CRL, Monte da Caparica, Almada