Bylaws articles

Article 4
Status of members

1- CiiEM members may have the status of:
a) Integrated members;
b) Collaborator members;
c) Invited members;
d) Non research employees.

2- Integrated members have the minimum qualification degree of Ph. D. and must meet minimum requirements of evaluation that will be defined in a dedicated regulation. They may have an employment contract with Egas Moniz or other institutions, provided they are not registered in FCT as integrated members of other Centers. The integrated member position is kept for each civil year, being reviewed based on the result of the evaluation.

3- The collaborator members have as minimum qualification Graduate. If they do not have a Ph. D., their work in CiiEM will be supervised by an integrated member. Collaborator members with term contract within specific research projects will be supervised according to the functional structure of the projects in which they are integrated.

4-The integrated members will pass automatically to the collaborator situation if they do not meet the evaluation requirements and will return to the situation of integrated members as soon as this situation is reversed.

5- Invited members are Ph. D.s or not, performing a specific function of research, management or consulting, by invitation of members or functional organs of CiiEM.

6- Non research employees are proposed to the President, by initiative of the Board of Directors, which will decide about their inclusion, in order to fulfill functions necessary to the operation of the Centre.

Article 5
Admission and exclusion of members

The admission and exclusion of CiiEM members is proposed by the integrated members, management and monitoring organs or by the candidate, based on curricular analysis. It is decided by the Board of Directors, after hearing the recommendations of the Coordination Committee, and ratified by the President who has veto powers.

Strategic plan

Values for a healthy work environment

CiiEM members are committed to act in their day-to-day activities according to a set of values indispensable for the creation of a healthy and productive work environment aiming at excellence in science, and the creation and continuous transmission of knowledge to younger colleagues, and to the community.

To this end, in their work within CiiEM, members must consider:

1. Search for knowledge and innovation

Participate actively in the creation of knowledge and innovation, assuming individual responsibility for both in-depth study and the search for new solutions to specific problems, with societal impact, fostering actively their discussion and diffusion.

2. Excellence

Develop their activities of research and knowledge transmission with high quality criteria to the level of the highest international standards, setting high standards for themselves and for their colleagues, supporting them in their work and initiatives.

3. Exchange of experiences

Share their experiences among themselves, and with their peers, supporting and enriching, with their participation and critical intervention, both meetings promoted by the Centre's members and external events.

4. Dissemination through publication

Foster actively a culture of publication of their scientific results in high level journals, using when possible Open Access ones, aiming to continually increase the impact factor of CiiEM’s publications

5. Alertness to change

Be alert to changing factors in their areas of activity, at a national and international level, and keep themselves scientifically updated, transmitting and discussing their perception of new scientific trends with their colleagues.

6. New competencies

Share resources in order to facilitate the work of colleagues towards the accomplishment of objectives that enhance the skills of the CiiEM and the Cooperativa, and be active in the diffusion of new competencies among their colleagues, fostering competence, scientific and technological growth.
7. Recognition of CiiEM's intellectual property

Contribute actively to the knowledge resources of the CiiEM, recognising their affiliation in their publications, congresses and other public manifestations; collaborate with CiiEM structures in the creation of a knowledge set identifiable as part of the institution's achievements.

8. Image promotion

Promote explicitly the image of the CiiEM and the Cooperative externally, in their institutional, scientific and public interactions.

9. Commitment to the gathering of resources

Be alert to the opportunities for fund gathering raised by their scientific work, dissemination and service activities, contributing actively to the viability and success of their actions and of the CiiEM’s.